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Here he is...right after trying to skateboard.

NAME: Rory Higgins
BIRTHDAY: 9/20/83
FAVORITE QUOTE: "If ignorance is bliss, I'm one of the most miserable people in the world."
BIGGEST INFLUENCE: the drummer, vinnie, from less than jake

Rory has lived in this miserable little town since he moved here for kindergarten.  He didn't have much of a life until high school, when he started listening to better music, like Less Than Jake, and where he got friends, one of which was Steve.  He and Steve formed this band along with John Fester.  The band pretty much layed on the ground suffering as we searched for a drummer and had John thinking he could play bass. When John was booted out, Kelly and Eric joined, completing the band.  Rory has an interesting voice, but suffers stage fright, which he is in the process of overcoming with daily rituals involving self-help guides and voodoo.  He also writes lyrics.  By the way, he likes Less Than Jake.

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